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Brent graduated with an under-graduate degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. He is Nationally Certified as a counselor and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Post-graduate he completed his Biblical Studies and ordination through the Evangelical Church Alliance.

Upon completing his formal education, as a counselor, he began his professional career in the private practice of Campion, Barrow & Associates. After six years in private practice, he helped found The Moriah Foundation in 1997, where he continues to serve as Executive Director.

“I have learned a great deal over the years, both in working through my own brokenness, and helping to facilitate the same in others. The journey continues, as they say. While I wish healing were more like a banana (once and done), in reality it is much more like an onion…many layers and plenty of tears. God has His plan and timing. We need to be mindful and consciously attentive to what He is doing in our lives, but we need not constantly be digging in our soul trying to find this and that. The Holy Spirit has the skill and precision of a brain surgeon, applied to the heart and soul. We just need to be of a disposition that is ready and willing to face the truth He is showing us, and the humility and perseverance to stick with His plan, while He is working it all out for our good."
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